About IESF

IESF is the largest retained executive search group in the world identifying talent and leadership in 80 offices and 22 countries globally. Within our countries around the world we are seen as a local company because we truly understand the local markets and their needs. The success of IESF is built on values and principles, a strategic roadmap and dedicated member firms – the drivers of our business.

We have the widest coverage of any international search firm in the Emerging Markets serving international companies operating or starting new operations in these markets. We see the Emerging Markets as a core part of our business model. As businesses continue to internationalize, it is in the Emerging Markets that they require most help and advice.

As multi specialists we run 15 sector practices that bring all the specific leadership and knowledge directly to the client. In addition, the newly set-up “Africa Centre of Excellence“ provides staffing services and solutions to our Global clients for the fast growing and very challenging African market.

IESF has partners around the world : 

  • 80


  • 22


  • 14

    Sector Practices

  • 13

    Years of Experience

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