The Transformative Role of Women in Senior Management

Vincenzo Ganci

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, it’s essential to spotlight the progress in gender equity within senior executive positions. Numerous studies consistently underscore a positive correlation between gender inclusion in senior management and enhanced financial performance, as recently highlighted by McKinsey’s “Women Matter: Time to Accelerate.”

Nevertheless, progress is slower than we would like. Grant Thornton’s findings indicate a mere 13 percent increase in women’s presence in senior management since 2003, emphasizing the imperative for an accelerated pace and deeper commitment from corporate boards and business leaders.

Today’s leaders can make a big difference.  They serve as models for transformation, acting as reflections for young professionals who view them as role models and mentors. These female executives actively engage in mentoring to validate diverse leadership styles and advocate for flexibility and transparency in compensation discussions. Their leadership goes beyond strategies and numbers, emphasizing the understanding and appreciation of human capital in all its diversity. By doing so, they contribute to overcoming ingrained biases and stereotypes, fostering meaningful changes in human development within companies.

Despite the fatigue of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the U.S., there is renewed momentum in other regions, demonstrating that positive change is both achievable and sustainable.

Women’s leadership must evolve from an idealistic goal into a series of concrete actions that permeate all areas of our organizations. Actively promoting diversity contributes to creating environments where equity is the norm, and success is accessible to everyone.

At IESF, we aim to be catalysts of this transformation. This commitment extends beyond merely including women in leadership roles and decision-making bodies; it sends a resounding message about inclusiveness in the workplace. Inspiring women to aspire to leadership roles and challenging organizations to enrich their perspectives with greater diversity is pivotal, especially for empowering future generations.


About the author

Vincenzo Ganci


Vincenzo Ganci is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ganci Partners Executive Search. He focuses mainly on the luxury, consumer goods and financial services sectors in Switzerland. Vincenzo is an experienced and client-oriented Executive Search Consultant who advises our clients with trusted advice in executive search, organizational design and career management.

Vincenzo started his career in Milan in the Investor Relations department at Banco Popolare, one of the largest and listed retail banks in Italy. Prior to founding Ganci Partners in 2012, Vincenzo was Regional Director of an important recruitment company for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Vincenzo grew up in Italy and has been living in Switzerland for the past 15 years. Vincenzo holds a master’s in management and economics from Bocconi University in Milan. He speaks fluent English, French and Italian.

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