Client success story: Stertil expands Internationally with IESF

General Manager France and General Manager Germany
at Stertil

Marcel Jansen, Commercial Director of Stertil, recently spoke about Stertil’s success with the IESF network in recruiting top-tier candidates for critical General Manager positions across their international subsidiaries.

Challenge: Stertil was poised for growth in the US, German, and French markets but needed the right leadership talent to steer their international subsidiaries. The quest for fitting General Managers was not just about filling positions—it was a strategic move critical to their global expansion.

Solution: Marcel Jansen entrusted this pivotal recruitment process to IESF Netherlands member Van der Groep & Olsthoorn, who leveraged the extensive IESF network. This collaboration was key to tapping into a pool of qualified candidates through trusted recruitment partners in both France and Germany.

Outcome: The IESF network’s real strength shone through its collective resources and the assurance of partnering with reputable recruitment firms worldwide. Jansen’s positive experience underscores the network’s capacity to streamline the hiring process and secure suitable candidates efficiently.

Client Takeaways:

  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: IESF is instrumental in sourcing candidates that align with a company’s vision for international market penetration.
  • Global Reach, Local Expertise: Access to a wide array of vetted recruitment companies ensures local insight on a global scale.
  • Collaborative Success: The role of Van der Groep & Olsthoorn in coordinating the search was integral to the process, highlighting the value of IESF membership in facilitating cross-border recruitment.
  • Endorsement: The successful placements have led Marcel Jansen to recommend the IESF network for those looking to make similar international hires.

Marcel Jansen’s endorsement of IESF reflects our commitment to fostering business growth through strategic talent acquisition. We are proud to facilitate such success stories and continue to connect businesses with the right leadership talent globally.


00:00 Introduction and Background of Stertil
01:06 International Hiring Processes
03:03 Connection with IESF Network
04:24 Added Value of IESF Network
05:22 Experience with IESF Network
06:15 Quality of Candidates and Recommendation
07:15 Importance of Trustworthy Managers
07:44 Support from IESF Network
08:39 Conclusion and Appreciation


About Stertil

Stertil Group: Global Leaders in Loading Solutions

Stertil Group is a distinguished provider of high-quality loading dock equipment and advanced vehicle lift systems. Serving the logistics and automotive industries, Stertil is renowned for its durable, innovative products designed to boost efficiency and safety. Their comprehensive range includes dock levellers, dock shelters, and vehicle lifts, all backed by robust global support. Stertil’s commitment to excellence is evident in its expansive international reach, with a strong network ensuring responsive customer service. For more information, visit Stertil’s website at

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Stephan Löw


Stephan Löw (1969) is Managing Director of TOPOS Personalberatung GmbH and fills C-level and management positions in industry and commerce.

After graduating from high school, he pursued an officer’s career in the German Air Force and completed his studies in business administration in Hamburg. He then started his career in industry and was most recently Sales & Marketing Manager for an international technology company in the banking sector.

From 2004, the trained business coach had previously proven his expertise in human resources consulting as a Consultant and Site Manager at a leading German HR management consultancy and has been Partner and Managing Director at TOPOS since 2007.

About the author

Valerie Desautel


Master in Law and labour psychology completed by a Master at ESCP Europe, Valérie Truchot-Desautel has over 20 years’ executive search and assessment experience at such multinationals as Progress and Humblot Grant Alexander.

As a generalist, Valérie covers the private headhunting, assessment and interim management sectors.

About the author

Gertjan van de Groep


Gertjan Van de Groep (1970) is Managing Director at Van de Groep & Olsthoorn. He focuses on General, Commercial and Technical staff and management positions in Industry, Technology and Logistics.

Gertjan graduated in 1993 as a Bachelor of Engineering in Utrecht, then pursued a leadership development program at Nyenrode Business University. He started his career as a Production/Lean Engineer and later as a Management Trainee in Logistics. In 1997, he started as Consultant at Van de Groep & Olsthoorn, the company that his father Wim founded in 1979. Gertjan became Director in 2007. His new set of consulting, entrepreneurship and management functions fit him like a glove.

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