¨Delivering talented leadership as the international executive search partner with global knowledge and reach for clients in emerging and mature markets.¨


IESF Partners offers retained executive search services globally. We specialize in covering single, multi-country, regional and global assignments simultaneously.

IESF Partners are professional human capital consultancy firms, tailored to their local markets and linked to 15 sector practices providing a complete range of assessment and consultancy services. This bilateral approach lets IESF partners go beyond the traditional macro-overview, by sharing insights on local/regional needs of the client’s business and applying grassroots knowledge in identifying talent and leadership with the right cultural fit. IESF provides a unified 360⁰ human capital consulting solution that incorporates our partners’ international and multicultural values in delivering success.

Executive Search is the very core of our business. We are a multi-specialist strategic partner to the world’s leading businesses, focused on identifying and attracting the top talent and leadership candidates that will become the building blocks of our clients’ success.


Step 1
360° intake
Job profile
Step 1
Step 2
Start search
Step 2
Step 3
Complete the search
Candidate screening
Step 3
Step 4
Presentation of shortlist
Step 4
Step 5
1st round interviews
Step 5
Step 6
2nd round interviews
Top candidates
Step 6
Step 7
3rd round interviews
Reference check
Step 7
Step 8
Contract signing
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IESF was founded in 2002 by partners in Asia and Europe with a clear vision of growing a Global Group, unhindered by corporate restrictions and rigidity and clients’ growing needs.

IESF partners are business leaders experienced in addressing the requirements of growing businesses around the world. Carefully selected and vetted firms may enter into partnerships with IESF, to enrich and broaden our global search abilities.

IESF has rapidly proliferated around the globe as clients demanded executive search and leadership in new planetary markets and industries. A people-centric enterprise, with global influence and local expertise, IESF lets clients reach these leaders, so they can understand and then meet their needs in a new business environment.

By 2007, IESF was the world’s largest search firm. IESF continues to grow by meeting client needs in every corner of the globe.

Leadership council


Claudia Montedónico



Stephan Löw



Emmanuel White



Adelina Rosca



Dror Katabi



Gertjan van de Groep