Study Internationalization of Talent 2022

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Welcome to the IESF Internationalization of Talent 2022 Study. In this global research we identify the different perceptions, of companies and professionals, about internationalization of talent in the post COVID19 period. During the pandemic, it was demonstrated that the world is ready to adapt and allows professionals to work from anywhere in the world.

This represents a new challenge and growth opportunity for organizations (especially for the Human Resources industry), because now it is necessary to internationalize workforce and identify talent in different countries.

A study on internationalization of talent allows us to highlight the added value of having experts in each country in the post COVID19 period, considering there is a greater need to exchange knowledge in the changing business environment. As IESF we have the advantage of having partners who know the culture of each country. And we also have the advantage of having access to candidates and company leaders in more than 24 countries and partners who know the culture of each country.

Below you can download the English report. We also have it available in Spanish. Please download the Spanish version over here: Estudio de Internacionalización del Talento

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