IESF Study: The world is becoming one candidate marketplace without borders

Claudia Montedónico

Study shows internationalization of talent on a rise

Two years after the pandemic IESF assessed the impact beyond borders by analyzing the perception of the internationalization of work from the perspective of candidates and employers. In November 2022 IESF did a comparative study of perceptions on internationalization of talent: both with companies as well as with candidates. In this global research IESF identified the different perceptions, of companies and professionals, about internationalization of talent in the post COVID19 period. It is demonstrated that the world is ready to adapt and allows professionals to work from anywhere in the world. 92% of the surveyed candidates think it is possible for a company in another country to interest or hire them.  79% of the candidates expect to change jobs within the next two years. This represents a new challenge and growth opportunity for organizations (especially for the Human Resources industry), because now it is necessary to internationalize workforce and identify talent in different countries.

Companies can expect a dynamic candidate marketplace the next couple of years. Candidates seem very international oriented. They show ambition and are motivated to work internationally. Most of the candidates at Managing- Director level have not worked for a company in another country the last 2 years (75%). The research shows that the professionals have searched positions in other countries but did not find an attractive offer (41,6%) or never had the possibility or thought of working for a company in another country (36,7%). It seems the trend in globalization of talent is slowly but certainly increasing from a candidate perspective. The main motivators for candidates to change positions are associated with development, culture, and personal work-life balance. Factors like working remotely from home or anywhere in the world, are becoming more common since COVID. Most candidates are searching for a possible new position are in Operations, Sales & Commercial, Finances and Consultancy. Positions in HR and Marketing & Communications seem very local and culturally specific.

42% of the clients hired talent at Managing / Director level from other countries in the last 2 years. And 58% did not, and only hired locally. The job positions international candidates were hired in are: General Management, Operations, Sales & Commercial and Finance. The research shows that the main reasons for not hiring international talent were: (1) the companies did not think of the possibility, (2) they do not seem to have the right international partner, they do not reject the idea to hire international, they tried, but failed or (3) they want to but have difficulties in the process. Most clients do expect a growing need for talent at Managing / Director level within the next 2 years, especially in General Management, Sales and Operations. Most important trends organizations are adopting to ensure talent recruitment are focus on Employer Branding and a perfect candidate journey. Improving the efficiency of the hiring process to make the process faster is also important. Main initiatives of employers have focused on process efficiency, speed and enabling remote work. However, the development of initiatives that favor work-life balance appears to be of similar importance for both groups.

Respondents cooperated in this research are in 17 countries worldwide, divided over all 4 continents. The respondents in this research are directors, C-level, senior managers and professionals from different companies and industries, both men and women from different regions and countries. IESF managed a quantitative study through self-applied web surveys to (A) employers (decision makers) of relevant companies in each country and (B) candidates or professionals that are available on the market or already working.

A copy of the IESF Internationalization of Talent 2022 study is available over here.

About the author

Claudia Montedónico


Journalist with an extensive experience in corporate communications and Senior Consultant in Human Resources Management. Claudia began her career working in companies of telecommunications and technology sector, and for more than six years she worked at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). She was also consultant for different companies of the public Chilean sector, focusing her development on the Human Resources industry. Claudia joined Buró team in 2007, promoting the generation of networks and communication with the main stakeholders. Currently she is Partner and Communications Director at HR Buró.

About the author

Gloria Sotomayor


Has a degree in Clinical Psychology and have received training from various institutions in topics related to human development, competency-based interviewing techniques, consulting skills, process analysis and selection and recruitment techniques. And recently completed a Synergology Training. Has more than 25 years of professional experience in recruitment and selection of middle management, managers and executives for national and international companies, as well as experience in new business development and HR related project management.
Has worked in both international (KPMG) and national firms (Transearch Mexico, Creo Services & North Hunters).
During 2010 to 2020, developed her own headhunting & executive search practice at GS TalentSearch.
Currently returned to GS TalentSearch to continue develop the business by her own.

Extensive experience in managing projects related to search processes: mapping, pre-selection, in-depth telephone interviewing, professional resume development, job reference research. Experienced in all sectors (Multi-industries).

About the author

Gertjan van de Groep


Gertjan Van de Groep (1970) is Managing Director at Van de Groep & Olsthoorn. He focuses on General, Commercial and Technical staff and management positions in Industry, Technology and Logistics.

Gertjan graduated in 1993 as a Bachelor of Engineering in Utrecht, then pursued a leadership development program at Nyenrode Business University. He started his career as a Production/Lean Engineer and later as a Management Trainee in Logistics. In 1997, he started as Consultant at Van de Groep & Olsthoorn, the company that his father Wim founded in 1979. Gertjan became Director in 2007. His new set of consulting, entrepreneurship and management functions fit him like a glove.

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