The changing playing field in executive search

Adelina Rosca

2022 has been a changing year in the executive search industry. Global situations like Covid and the political insecurity in the Ukraine also have consequences for our industry. Adelina Rosca, managing director at Rosman Talent, IESF Romania, describes it like: “Change is the new constant.” In this interview take an in-depth look at these changes. Looking forward, the trends that are defining the market in 2023 are: a candidate market, becoming agile in the hiring process, search and tap into new talent pools, clients retaining and developing their current teams, employer branding.  And finally, having an interim solution during the search for the permanent candidate.

“Romania is still a growing, but competitive market. When I look at the different industries we operate in, Production, FMCG, SSC, Transport & Logistic, Sales, Finance, Engineering, HR and IT are in rising demand for resources. We also see an increase in Ukrainian employees in Automotive, Retail, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality. As an entrepreneur in recruiting, it’s extremely difficult to make future predictions of the local, or even global market. Rather than multiple candidates competing for an open role we now have a surplus of job openings and not enough candidates to fill them. This gives candidates much more flexibility in their job selection. Inflation is rising, so are salaries. Every candidate in our processes gets a counteroffer at this moment. Especially at director and C-level it is more difficult to find determined candidates who are willing to make the move to a new employer.”

“A personal and more extensive approach is becoming a critical factor in the way we do our work. We define it in terms of finding the right candidate, who’s willing to take a new step in his or her career. The top priorities for senior candidates are family, flexibility, and the possibility to work from anywhere. They’re searching for more autonomy and a better work-life balance. Also travelling for work is becoming less popular. This forces our clients to change their usual requirements and recruitment practices. There are new trends regarding salary packages requirements and candidates are also looking for more visibility for their future career path possibilities (1-2 years) before they decide to make a switch. Offers must become more modern, creative, and flexible, otherwise employers will lose the candidates to companies who accommodate their needs.”

“It also asks for more realistic expectations from our client’s point of view. A couple of years ago when we presented a shortlist of candidates to our clients, they could take their time for an elaborate hiring process. Today, I advise clients to hire a great candidate right away. This demands an agile recruitment process with the possibility of making an offer on the spot. We continuously educate our clients that if you play the old game, you are not going to win the today’s game!”

About the author

Adelina Rosca


Adelina has a BA in Sociology and Psychology and a Master in Strategic Management of Human Resources. She is fluent in English and Romanian and passionate about headhunting and counselling.

The first step in her career was working as a Human Resource Inspector in a small company, followed by a period of a few years as a School Psychologist.

Obtaining a full time recruiting job in an international executive search company in 2006, Adelina specialized in headhunting for several years. In 2010, Adelina began fulfilling mission-critical roles in an international environment, combining HR knowledge with management expertise, running the business in Romania as a Country Manager, with specialization in Middle and Senior Management positions. Adelina joined Rosman in 2014 as a Managing Partner and Head of Business Development.

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