Case Study: Expansion Beyond Borders

IESF & A Leading Lens Manufacturer’s Global Success through Collaborative Executive Search

This case study outlines the critical role of utilizing the IESF global network to identify premier talent and foster organizational growth, amidst the intricacies of global business expansion.

A global leading manufacturer of intraocular lens solutions for cataract surgery, built on innovation in R&D and technology, was in the stride of expanding worldwide. It set its sights on reinforcing its footprint in the Indian market. Committed to innovation and quality, the company aimed to discover a dynamic Sales Director capable of leading their expansion initiatives in India and boosting business development. Subsequently, more sales regions, including Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Brazil, were incorporated into the project.

By entrusting their executive searches to IESF partners, who held localized insights and a worldwide viewpoint, the company solidified its stance as a significant player in the international business domain.

The Challenge: A Cross-Border Executive Search

Understanding the vital nature of this endeavor, the company collaborated with IESF, a distinguished network of executive search professionals worldwide. The selected partners for this initial mission were Dror Katabi from Kishurim HR in Israel and Vivek Ahuja from Confiar Global in India. This cross-border project aimed to identify, assess, and secure a qualified Sales Director capable of navigating the intricacies of the Indian market while aligning with the company’s values and vision.

The Approach: Collaborative Expertise

Dror Katabi, wielding deep insights into the company’s requirements and organizational culture, joined hands with Vivek Ahuja, equipped with a profound understanding of the Indian business landscape. Their collaboration within the IESF framework was vital in conducting a successful executive search.

  1. Needs Assessment and Profiling: Dror Katabi closely liaised with the company’s leadership to understand their specific needs, goals, and expectations for the Sales Director role. This comprehensive understanding laid the groundwork for candidate profiling.
  2. Indian Market Expertise: Vivek Ahuja employed his extensive knowledge of Indian market dynamics, cultural nuances, and industry trends to identify potential candidates capable of making a substantial impact in India.
  3. Cross-Border Networking: The IESF network facilitated seamless communication between Israel and India. Dror Katabi and Vivek Ahuja leveraged their professional connections to broaden their reach and identify a diverse pool of high-quality candidates.
  4. Candidate Assessment: Through a careful selection process, the team assessed candidates’ competencies, experiences, and alignment with the company’s values, ensuring only the most suitable individuals advanced to the next stage.

The Outcome: A Sales Director to Propel Growth

After an exhaustive search and thorough evaluation, the collaborative efforts resulted in the selection of an outstanding Sales Director for the company’s Indian operations. The selected candidate embodied the perfect blend of leadership skill, industry knowledge, and cultural adaptability.

The appointed Sales Director, equipped with a robust strategy and guided by the company’s global vision, set forth on a journey to expand the company’s presence in India, positioning the company as a key player in the Indian Market.

The fruitful process in India led to additional collaboration with other IESF partners for successful searches in South Korea, Vietnam, and Brazil, while an active search is still ongoing in Japan. This endeavor further underscores the instrumental role of IESF partners’ collaboration in meeting global talent needs worldwide.

the client

About the author

Dror Katabi


Dror Katabi, with over 30 years’ management and consulting experience in different industries, is Founder and CEO of Kishurim HR.

Under Dror’s management, Kishurim has consistently delivered innovation in all its areas of activity. Dror has led the company’s focus on specific sectors, developing new specialities and expertise, backed by comprehension knowledge of the industry, integrity and a personal touch, among candidates and clients.

On September 2010 Kishurim HR joined IESF (International Executive Search Federation)—the largest Executive search group in the world with over 130 offices in 40 countries worldwide. Being an active partner, Kishurim HR hosted the annual IESF Conference in Tel Aviv in March 2012. Dror has been N IESF Practice Expertise member in most of the sectors and one of the leading partners at the Africa Centre of Expertisecellence.

Specialities: Global Executives Search, Management Consulting, Talent Acquisition.

About the author

Vivek Ahuja


With over 20 years’ experience in International Publishing, Media and Executive Search, Vivek Ahuja is Managing Director at Confiar Global (Confiar Consultants India Private Limited). The company he represents is the exclusive Indian Partner for IESF (International Executive Search Federation)—the world’s largest executive search group.

Vivek has been enjoying an illustrious career, spanning two decades. His previous roles included the position of Managing Director for India at the Random House Group, the world’s largest general English language publisher. Prior to that, Vivek served as a Publishing Director at UBS Publishers’ Distributors. Out of this experience, Vivek has built a rich portfolio of business successes in various fields.

Over, Vivek has shifted his professional focus, becoming Head of Business for the high-end Executive Search Company in India. Vivek is a key shareholder of Confiar Global, as well as its Managing Director. Confiar Global is a sister company of the Kochhar Group—one of India’s largest law firms. As a member of various International Trade bodies, Vivek contributes articles to leading newspapers and journals.

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