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Éva Fehér

Budapest, Hungary  – The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) is delighted to announce its partnership with Prime by JobGroup, a leading provider of consultancy and HR services in Executive Search and Career Solutions in Hungary.

The inclusion of Prime by JobGroup in IESF’s network further underscores the federation’s commitment to delivering a globalized, comprehensive, and versatile approach to executive search and leadership consultation services. “We are immensely pleased to welcome JobGroup’s Prime as our exclusive partner in Hungary. They bring to the table an unparalleled understanding of the local market, combined with an impressive track record and a robust, professional approach to executive search and HR solutions. Their addition to the IESF family is a significant step towards our goal of offering globally integrated, high-quality executive search services. It’s about making our network stronger and more diverse, allowing us to better serve companies around the world. We eagerly anticipate the synergies this partnership will create and look forward to the next chapter in our journey together.” Gertjan van de Groep, President of IESF

This collaboration marks Prime by JobGroup’s ascension to exclusive partner status in executive search in Hungary, bringing its unique services to a global platform. This partnership aims to extend the outreach and capability of the executive search network and enhance the quality and breadth of services offered to organizations across the world. Éva Fehér, Managing Director at JobGroup: “We are thrilled to partner with IESF, an esteemed international network with 26 partners worldwide. We believe our association with IESF will strengthen our ability to provide consultative services in the executive search space. It’s a testament to our commitment to expand our reach and continue offering the highest standards of service.”

With JobGroup’s 30+ years of market experience, the Prime team brings an abundance of knowledge, resources, and network to the IESF. Recognizing the critical importance of finding, developing, and retaining great leaders and top performers, JobGroup Prime focuses on supporting client organizations to achieve growth and prosperity. Their consultants, boasting specific industry backgrounds, provide deep insights about various sectors, helping organizations and leaders ascend to new levels with proven and innovative solutions.

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About Prime by JobGroup

Prime by JobGroup is a Hungary-based provider of consultancy and HR services in Executive Search and Career Solutions. Operating at blue-chip company standards, the expert team leverages JobGroup’s 30+ years of market experience, providing insightful and innovative solutions to HR challenges. The Executive Search team is committed to delivering personalized, street-smart solutions from a human perspective.

About IESF

International Executive Search Federation (IESF) is an international network comprising 26 partners across the globe. The network specializes in executive search services, aiming to deliver quality leadership solutions and help organizations locate and retain top-performing individuals. By integrating local knowledge with global reach, IESF provides companies with a comprehensive approach to their leadership needs.

About the author

Éva Fehér


Economist per degree, Éva is a warm person with a strategic mind and result oriented spirit. Éva spent 13 years in a biotechnological manufacturing company, leading expansions and managing European and North American markets as a key account manager, later commercial director.

She developed her career in HR by joining an executive search agency with Austrian background in 2005. As head of executive search, Éva gained a 360-degree understanding of HR services via international and in-house training and her creative and agile work approach.

Éva joined the JobGroup Company in 2020 as Managing Director, Executive Search Strategist by Prime by JobGroup. Having a coach diploma from Business Coach school, and meaningful leadership experience, Éva still gets involved in the key phases of executive search projects, executive coaching and board advisory services.

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