IESF unveils new Leadership Council representation for Asiapac: Emmanuel White to succeed Vivek Ahuja

Emmanuel White

The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) has announced a significant change in its Leadership Council (LC). Vivek Ahuja of IESF India, representing Confiar Global, has decided to step down from his esteemed position on the LC. Taking on the role for the Asiapac region will be Emmanuel White, representing IESF’s partnership with WeLinkTalent in Singapore.

IESF wishes to extend its profound gratitude to Vivek for his invaluable contributions over the years. His expertise, commitment, and vision have been pivotal in steering the organization towards many of its achievements.
Vivek Ahuja reflected on his tenure, saying, “It has been an honor to represent the Asiapac region on the IESF Leadership Council. I am deeply grateful for the trust and support I’ve received over the years. I am confident that the LC is in capable hands with Emmanuel White at the helm for our region.”

Emmanuel White, stepping into this role, expressed his enthusiasm and commitment. “I’m both excited and humbled to join the IESF Leadership Council, representing the Asiapac region,” said White. “Vivek has set an exemplary standard, and I hope to build on the foundation he laid, further strengthening IESF’s position in the market.”

Gertjan van de Groep, President of IESF, also shared his thoughts on this transition. “Firstly, our heartfelt thanks go out to Vivek Ahuja for his relentless dedication and vision. He has played an instrumental role in shaping the direction of IESF. As we look to the future, we are elated to welcome Emmanuel White. With his passion and expertise, I am certain he will propel the Asiapac region to even greater heights.”

IESF remains committed to its global mission of providing the highest quality executive search services and is confident that this transition will further enrich its capability to serve its partners and clients worldwide.

About the author

Emmanuel White


• 15 years in Executive Search and Recruitment Consultancy
• Supervised over 10’000 recruitments
• Supported over 500 MNCs
• Experience in EMEA and APAC
• Designed Talent Management solutions
• Master Degree in Management

About the author

Vivek Ahuja


With over 20 years’ experience in International Publishing, Media and Executive Search, Vivek Ahuja is Managing Director at Confiar Global (Confiar Consultants India Private Limited). The company he represents is the exclusive Indian Partner for IESF (International Executive Search Federation)—the world’s largest executive search group.

Vivek has been enjoying an illustrious career, spanning two decades. His previous roles included the position of Managing Director for India at the Random House Group, the world’s largest general English language publisher. Prior to that, Vivek served as a Publishing Director at UBS Publishers’ Distributors. Out of this experience, Vivek has built a rich portfolio of business successes in various fields.

Over, Vivek has shifted his professional focus, becoming Head of Business for the high-end Executive Search Company in India. Vivek is a key shareholder of Confiar Global, as well as its Managing Director. Confiar Global is a sister company of the Kochhar Group—one of India’s largest law firms. As a member of various International Trade bodies, Vivek contributes articles to leading newspapers and journals.

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