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Steve Hall

As global markets continue to evolve, the Conference Board’s February 2024 Economy Watch report provides essential insights for executive search firms and the businesses they work with. The report’s in-depth analysis reveals that, despite potential challenges, there is a strong foundation for economic stability. This is a crucial time for companies around the world to identify and foster leaders who are quick to respond to current issues and have the foresight to guide their organizations through future changes.

The Economy Watch report projects that both the US and the international economies will likely avoid a recession in 2024. This hopeful outlook is supported by increasing consumer confidence, steady industrial production, and a predicted decrease in inflation rates. While this suggests a stable environment for businesses, it also points to the need for leaders who can bring innovative thinking and adaptability to their roles to maintain and enhance company growth during times of slower economic expansion.

Internationally, we expect a slight decrease in GDP growth in 2024, with prospects for improvement in 2025. Mature economies are predicted to maintain their current levels, while we may see a decrease from the strong growth seen in emerging markets like China and India in 2023. Executive leaders must be prepared to face these mixed economic conditions with a strategic approach that recognizes both the challenges and the potential within these markets.

The report also emphasizes the growing need to consider geopolitical risks and how CEOs plan to address these concerns. The changing landscape of international trade, advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence, and the evolving job market add layers of complexity to business operations. Successful leaders must have the skill to develop innovative strategies, understand global issues, and adapt quickly to technological advancements. This will enable their organizations to aim for long-term sustainability and growth.

At the International Executive Search Federation (IESF), we understand the importance of these findings for our clients. With our network of boutique executive search firms in 26 countries, we offer a unique blend of local expertise and global perspective. This allows us to identify leaders skilled at managing both regional and international challenges.

The report also highlights the considerable impact of technological advancements, especially artificial intelligence, on businesses. This demands leaders who are not only tech-savvy but also considerate of the ethical dimensions of innovation. IESF seeks out leaders who balance a deep understanding of technology with a commitment to ethical practices.

Furthermore, changes in the job market underscore the value of leaders capable of promoting organizational flexibility and resilience. It is vital for leaders to adapt to new work environments, build inclusive cultures, and stimulate creativity. IESF’s executive search is centered on these characteristics, aiming to place leaders who are champions of flexibility and inclusion at the helm of our clients’ companies.

Reflecting on the Conference Board’s report, it is clear that the highlighted challenges and opportunities are prompts for decisive action. IESF is at the vanguard of guiding our clients to find the right leadership to not only confront these issues but also to excel in spite of them. Our expertise in executive search goes beyond mere service; it is a partnership aimed at empowering businesses to confidently lead the way forward.

About the author

Steve Hall


As Vice President of Business Development, Steve Hall oversees the growth of Find Great People’s Executive Search, Professional Staffing, Human Resources Consulting and Outplacement/Career Transition divisions. A 32-year veteran of FGP, the executive search and staffing industries and a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), Steve is a frequent speaker on recruitment and organizational leadership and as the longest tenured member of the firm, Steve has played a vital role in the management of what has become one of the fastest growing recruitment and staffing firms in South Carolina. He was instrumental in FGP’s initial launch in technology recruiting back in 1990 and for a period of five years he managed FGP’s Executive Search division growing revenues 500%. Prior to serving as the Director of FGP’s Executive Search Division, Steve was a Sr. Executive Search Consultant for the first 16 years of his career running his own search desk at FGP. At times, Steve is still actively leading executive level searches on behalf of select FGP clients.

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