IESF Guide: Successfully recruit among countries & cultures

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In an increasingly globalized and digitized world, the boundaries of talent acquisition have expanded. Talent is more mobile and diverse than ever before. Advances in technology, the rise of remote work, and a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusivity have made international recruitment not just a possibility, but a necessity for many businesses.

Companies that hire globally show adaptability, open-mindedness, and a global outlook. This can give them a competitive edge in today’s increasingly globalized business environment. In some cases, hiring from countries with lower labor costs can result in cost savings. However, companies must ensure they adhere to ethical employment practices and offer fair compensation.

When recruiting across countries, and cultures, companies must consider a multitude of factors. The recruitment process becomes more complex, but when done correctly, it can help businesses access a more diverse talent pool, bring in new perspectives, and foster innovation. In this guide we present the most important aspects to consider and advice for business owners and HR specialists.

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