From welcome to winning – A 4-Step Checklist to Superior Onboarding

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Onboarding is a crucial aspect of successful business operations, particularly when it comes to senior and director-level positions. This is primarily because these roles involve making critical decisions that shape the future of the organization, influencing its culture, and leading teams. Therefore, efficient onboarding at these levels is not just about getting the new executive to understand the role, but also about quickly aligning them with the organization’s vision, strategy, and culture.

We often see that onboarding is neglected when appointing management and board members. We believe it is important for all new employees to carry out this process well. New colleagues must quickly be able to deliver their added value to the organization. This can only happen when all practical matters are well arranged and they quickly become part of both the formal and informal network of the organization.

Onboarding takes a little time, but it pays off doubly. In collaboration with Ardienne Verhoeven, we offer you this document to improve your onboarding process. Ardienne is the founder of Workwonders and has been focusing on intake and onboarding for 17 years.

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