2022 record year in cross border executive search collaborations

Stephan Löw

December 22, 2022 – The International Executive Search Federation reports that this year has been a record-breaking year in cross border executive search projects, since their founding in 2002. The actual turnover so far is 34% higher than predicted for this year. Not only the number of active and completed assignments grew. Also, the level of management and director assignments and revenue is back at the high pre pandemic level of 2019. Starting Q4 of 2021, the international executive search market seemed back to pre- pandemic levels, and growth accelerated from there. The successfully completed international assignments grew with 150% compared to last year. With more assignments currently in the final stage, IESF expects to even hit the growth number of 180% completed assignments in the financial year.

This number is higher compared with IESF’s pre-pandemic business achievements in 2018 and 2019. The pandemic in 2020 and 2021 resulted in a decrease of 50% or the international business. Stephan Löw, Treasurer at IESF: “We’re very proud to manage such a high level of international projects worldwide. Every IESF partner contributed to this success. We see a global economic growth in our industry. Hiring managers are more and more starting to think globally. The world is becoming your candidate marketplace and our global partners advice clients with their specific local knowledge of talent and skills.”

IESF Partners offer retained executive search services globally. Specializes in covering single, multi-country, regional and global assignments simultaneously. Due to increased demand, consultants are taking on more searches and the average fee per search increased. IESF partners share a positive outlook for their firms.

About IESF

International Executive Search Federation is one of the world’s most recognized international executive search groups / associations. Identifying talent and leadership in 50 offices and 23 countries, we are globally known as “The Local Experts” because we understand regional markets and their specific needs when it comes to executive recruitment. We offer a fully customized, local approach to search projects, based on culture, regional economics, and the local candidate marketplace. We never seek to impose a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our search process is optimized to the local culture. www.iesf.com


About the author

Stephan Löw


Stephan Löw (1969) is Managing Director of TOPOS Personalberatung GmbH and fills C-level and management positions in industry and commerce.

After graduating from high school, he pursued an officer’s career in the German Air Force and completed his studies in business administration in Hamburg. He then started his career in industry and was most recently Sales & Marketing Manager for an international technology company in the banking sector.

From 2004, the trained business coach had previously proven his expertise in human resources consulting as a Consultant and Site Manager at a leading German HR management consultancy and has been Partner and Managing Director at TOPOS since 2007.

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