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Cecilia Gajardo Jimenéz

An article by HR BURÓ – IESF Chile. 

“Getting the right people on the bus in the right seats”. This quote of Jim Collins, management guru and American writer, was the most liked in HR Buró social networks during 2018.

This challenge is not an easy task. Hiring is a risk, and good executives are aware of that. To match the interests of the company and the candidates is not that simple, and it is not only about choosing: In these days, more than ever, attracting is essential.

In trends 2018-2019 this is called “candidate experience” and refers to the image that a company has to its potential employees. It is not only being ranked as one of the best companies to work in, but it also means to be accurate with the candidates during the selection process. Now, aspects as continuous communication terms management and, certainly, performing interviews to add value, strengthen the perception of the organization as a potential great employer.

When an interview is being carried out, it is good to keep in mind that the best candidates are well prepared, as they are making their own risk analysis. Remember that the candidates that make many questions mean that they are effectively considering the job position.  They need information about the company and also about its team.

A poll carried out in the year 2018 in Chile by the research company Cadem revealed that, subsequent to the incomes, the working conditions and stable employment, the best motivation of the employees is to reconcile both family and work, learn and grow, and to have good managers. Throughout the interview, they want to know about the leadership style of the executives and also if they will be partners or unavailable bosses.

Summarizing, a positive experience for the candidates is a key to attract talent and cultivating the image of the company. Therefore, it is fundamentally an effective preparation of the interviews, rely upon people who have hired successfully, and during the process not to lose sight of the perspective of the candidate. Quoting Collins again: “With empirical creativity, discipline, paranoia and with respect to people, above all.”

About the author

Cecilia Gajardo Jimenéz


Graduated from Universidad de Chile and founding partner of HR Buró, Cecilia Gajardo has an experience of almost 30 years in Human Resources and Executive Search, she has worked in extending our services through this years, with local and multinational companies, that are national leaders of the financial, commercial and industrial fields. She is currently performing as Managing Director of HR Buró S.A.

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