IESF held its frst virtual AGM 2020

The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) held its first virtual Annual Global Meeting (AGM) on the 20th of October, 2020.

The meeting brought together 21 countries with more than 30 participants, involving dynamic discussions about the recruiting sector impacts due to the pandemic outbreak. One of the meeting highlights was that despite the COVID-19 had a direct impact on hiring processes, IESF partners have been continuing to focus on innovation and support clients in finding the talent they are looking for in these challenging times. Partners have spoken about technology being an important tool and will continue to combine it with consulting practises to ensure sustainable success in executive search and recruitment industry.

Three new members presented their companies, shared their professional experience and best practices, and spoke about what they expect to achieve from being a part of our professional network. The new members approved as exclusive IESF Partners: IESF Panama (Arden & Price), IESF Peru (Virtus) and IESF Switzerland (Ganci Partners)

The International Executive Search Federation is one of the world´s most recognized international executive search groups. Identifying talent and leadership in more than 80 offices and 21 countries,

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