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Co-Founder and Partner at Kishurim HR, Eti Katabi defined the executive board consulting sector and has been leading it since 1990. Eti applies a philosophical approach, combined with a unique, innovative technique. She has been working for years with managers, executives and board members helping them develop their management skills. She believes that every manager has hidden potential that should be discovered and developed through self-training and effort. All managers can improve their abilities by with internal resources and strengths. Once managers discover their potential, they can gain in self-direction and refine their management style through her guidance. Eti’s approach and methods have proved highly fruitful in the past and have enabled many managers to improve their managerial skills and performance throughout highly successful careers.

Specialties: consulting for board members, leadership and organizational change.

About Kishurim HR

Kishurim HR is an Executive Search firm that has been in business since 1989. We have a long track record of success recruiting quality executives, with a database of over 30,000 qualified professionals. We use Active Direct Search, based on in-depth local market knowledge, plus advanced market research and investigation tools to identify and attract top talents meeting client needs. Kishurim HR has become known as one of Israel’s top professional executive firms. Our clients are leading global companies, with worldwide interests and businesses. As an IESF member, we can deliver customized solutions throughout the world from one of our 130 international offices. We offer executive search, talent mapping, HR intelligence, head hunting, executive consulting and additional services. We apply our specialized industrial knowledge in working for our clients, with special focus on FMCG, retail, industry, infrastructure, oil, energy, building, water, and agri-business. Further cross-industry expertise is offered through our worldwide IESF partners.

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