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Ernesto, with studies carried out in Spain, UK and Colombia, has developed his experience in the executive search including market research, client relationship and marketing strategies. He also had a short experience in diplomatic affairs at Colombian Consulate in Los Angeles (USA). He has a Master in Corporate Communications from Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) and a Professional Degree in International Relations and Affairs from Universidad del Norte (Colombia). Since 2013, he co-founded Key Executives Headhunter and has been advising clients from different sectors in the Colombian market.

About Key Executives

Key Executives Headhunter specializes in recruitment and development of human talent, with the main objective of offering the Colombian market effective, agile and efficient tools and procedures in the selection processes of Media, Senior Management, Senior Executive Management and experienced professionals.

Key Executives is also the strategic allies in the Human Resources departments for all those companies that do not have this department, but require professional services and consulting in this area.

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