IESF was founded in 2002 by partners in Asia and Europe with a clear vision for growing a Global Group, unhindered by corporate restrictions and rigidity, while meeting growing client needs.

IESF partners are business leaders experienced in handling the needs of growing companies around the world. Carefully vetted firms may become IESF partners, enriching and expanding our global search abilities.

IESF rapidly spread across the globe for clients seeking executive search and leadership in new planetary markets and industries. A people-centric enterprise, with global influence and local expertise, IESF lets clients reach these leaders, so they can understand and then meet their needs in a new business environment.

By 2007 (source: Search Consult Magazine), IESF was the world’s largest search firm.  IESF continues to grow by meeting client needs every corner of the globe.


AsiaPac – Middle East


Europe – Africa



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