Character is key in leadership hires across the globe

IESF hosts its 15th Annual Global Meeting

Cleveland, Ohio — The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) gathered 28 partners and consultants from 22 countries in September in Cleveland, Ohio.

Duriniesf-cleveland-0081g a panel discussion at this annual gathering, the group explored the topic of character, chemistry and functional skills being the three key criteria that C-suite leaders look for when hiring leaders.  Three CEO/President panelists represented US-based manufacturers with production operations in multiple global locations. Identifying, delivering and onboarding senior management hires for overseas operations – particularly in emerging economies such as China and India – are delicate and deliberate projects, the panelists agreed.  As a result, the most effective interview processes must move beyond results-oriented topics in conversations in order to identify the character-driven motivations and methods by which the candidates’ successful track records were achieved. Character impacts the bottom line, and a hiring misstep can become a major set-back for a company and impact productivity, PR and employee morale, the executives added.
Joining the three company executives on the panel were three IESF members – Normand Lebeau, (Mandrake, Montreal); Mark Geary (Asianet Consultants, Hong Kong); and Vivek Ahuja (Confiar Global, India).

iesf-cleveland-0036The group also participated in a keynote presentation by Bob Beaudine, President and CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, and author of The Power of WHO!  Beaudine challenged the group to discern, nurture and consider the natural relationships in their personal and professional lives. Leaders will find they often have key people who will help them succeed right in their own network, but those opportunities are missed without richer, authentic connections.

iesf-cleveland-3341During the conference, the President’s Achievement award was presented to Victor Carulla from Spain and Lennie Chadillon from Canada for their sustained contribution and support.  In addition, three firms, Mandrake (Canada), Topos (Germany) and Kishurim (Israel), received awards for completing the highest volume of cross border assignments.

iesf-cleveland-9955The three-day IESF conference was organized in Cleveland, Ohio by Tim Smith, principal of ASLON.  The group announced its next general meeting will be in Sydney, Australia in September 2017.


Peggy Zand, ASLON

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